We started back in 2014, whilst operating a hospitality venue in Peterborough.  A call came in through our network, inviting us to operate licensed bars at a large scale festival in Peterborough.

With only 1 months notice, we delivered 6 large multi-use bars trading over 3 days and over 60,000 patrons.

Being thrown in at the deep end is our speciality.  Not only did we deliver a great service for this festival, but two other large events in our first year locally.

Purely on the success of these 3 events, we fell in love with the industry and have not looked back since.

Within 7 years we have grown to have the ability to operate at over 50 events per year, with quality infrastructure, staffing and energy.

We travel to all 4 corners of the country for all types of event and can display testimonials to rival anyone.

Our transparency and quality ethos has event organisers inviting us back year after year.